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Smart Mode:  Smart Navi

Suction Option:  Floated Main Brush  

Working Mode:  Auto  Spot  

Spot clean time:  1 Square meter area   

Filter:  High efficiency filter  

Side Brush:  Dual


Anti-Collision:  Infrared Anti-Collision Sensor  Bumper Rail  

Charging Dock Parameter

Input Voltage&Frequency:  100-240V AC 50/60Hz  

Output Voltage&Current:  24V DC 3.75A  

Power(W):  90W  

Smart Functions

Continuation Mode:  YES


Doorsill Crossing (cm):  1.8cm/0.71in ( No water tank)  

Speed (Cleaning Efficiency)(m/s):  0.25m/s 0.82ft/s  

Main Unit Rated Power(W):  50  

Noise Level (db.):  69.5dB(A)  

Charging Time(h):  Approx.3-4h  

Battery Capacity(mAH):  Lithium (2850)   

Dust Bin Capacity(mL):  400  

Max Working Time Per Charge(min):  Approx.90  

Rated Voltage:  14.8V DC  

Packing content

Main unit (With Battery):  1  

Remote control with battery:  NO  

Charging Dock:  1  

Side brush:  4  

Multi-function cleaning tool:  1  

Instruction Manual:  1  

Dust container(for 3D):  YES  

3D cleaning system accessory:  YES  

Protection card:  1  

Washable Mop with plate:  NO  

Advanced cleaning mop with water reservior:  1 water reservoir and 2 pc mops  

Disposable Dry Mop:  1  

Disposable Wet Mop:  1  

Direct suction component:  1  

Measuring cup:  1  

Virtual Wall:  NO  

Data cable:  NO  

Cleaning Solution(Bottle):  1  


Net Weight(KG):  7.5kg/ 16.53lb  

Dimension(mm):  354*354*102  

Giftbox Weight(KG):  11.4kg/ 25.13lb  

Giftbox Dimension(mm):  758*410*293  

Giftbox UPC Code (for US only):  852186006839  

Carton Weight(KG):  12.6kg/ 27.77lb  

Carton Dimension(mm):  772*422*311  

Packing Qty.(pcs):  1  

Carton UPC Code (for US only):  852186006839  

Carton(1 in 1) Dimension(mm) (for US only):  /  

Carton(1 in 1) Weight (KG) (for US only):  /  

EAN Code:  6943757609611