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ECOVACS DEEBOT MINI Vacuum Cleaning Robot

DEEBOT MINI is the small floor cleaning robot with big cleaning power for all your bare floors. It easily fits into elusive areas and cleans effectively using direct suction - perfect for picking up pet hair. Equipped with Smart Motion technology, self-adjusting driving wheels and an optional mop, it can clean up to and around stairs and detect furniture in its path. DEEBOT MINI even recharges automatically and can be scheduled to clean once per day.

SMART MOTION Cleaning Path

Thanks to its SMART MOTION technology, DEEBOT MINI covers your floors multiple times, ensuring that even all persistent dirt is removed!

3-Stage Cleaning System with an Optional Mop

DEEBOT MINI is a multifunctional floor cleaning robot that can sweep, vacuum and mop bare floors in a single pass! The dual side brushes sweep dirt towards the center of the suction inlet so it's easily vacuumed up, and then the optional mop removes persistent dirt for clean floors.

Low Profile Design

DEEBOT MINI is small and compact so it easily fits underneath and in between furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas that a regular vacuum cleaner never could! All without the hassle of moving heavy furniture!

Tangle-Free Suction-Ideal for Pet Owners

DEEBOT MINI cleans effectively with no-tangle direct suction. Perfect for cleaning up human and pet hair without tangling.

Self-Adjusting Driving Wheels

DEEBOT MINI uses "floating" driving wheels which automatically adjust to uneven surfaces such as natural wood and textured floors, so the suction inlet stays close to the floor for optimal cleaning.

Object Detection Technology

DEEBOT MINI moves safely around your home using smart anti-collision sensors to detect objects in its path and navigate around them while cleaning. If the sensors detect an obstacle, a signal will be sent to DEEBOT's "brain" to slow down, and select a new cleaning path. If the object is very low to the ground DEEBOT MINI may gently touch it with its mechanical cushion bumper rail before turning around.

Stair Safety Technology

DEEBOT MINI is equipped with 3 groups of anti-drop Sensors. If the robot senses a drop-off, it reverses direction and selects a new cleaning path. So relax, DEEBOT MINI can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling.

Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain.

DEEBOT MINI is easy to operate, cleans bare floors with the push of a single button, and routine maintenance does not require many tools.

Automatic Charging

When battery power gets low, DEEBOT MINI automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge by itself.

Automatic Daily Cleaning

Never come home to dirty floors again! Schedule DEEBOT MINI to automatically clean once per day, even when nobody’s home.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to conveniently program, start, pause, and manage the direction of your DEEBOT MINI from a distance!

DEEBOT MINI & Accessories

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