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Color:  White

Surface Treatment :  Back injection

Suction :  Vacuum Pump

Auto Cleaning Path:  zigzag(Single Direction)

Back-Up Battery Capacity(mAh):  400  

Back-Up Battery Voltage(V):  11.1  

Working Voltage(V):  15  

Main Unit Rated Power(W):  35  

EAN Code:  6943757602056  

Crossing the gap of the joint glass:  /  

Packing content

Main Machine:  1  

Remote Control:  1  

Power Adapter:  1  

Cleaning Pads(sets):  3  

Finishing Cloth:  1  

Instruction Manual:  1  

Protection Card:  1  

Extension Cord:  1  

Safety Pod:  1  

Cleaning Solution:  1  


Noise(db):  64  


Net weight(Kg):  2kg/4.41lb  

Main Unit DIM (mm):  232*225*95mm/9.13*8.86*3.74in  

Gift Box Gross Weight (Kg):  3.3kg/7.28lb  

Gift Box DIM (mm):  332*280*135mm/13.07*11.02*5.31in  

Giftbox UPC Code:  857440004002  

Carton Gross Weight (Kg):  13.8kg/30.42lb  

Carton DIM (mm):  565*342*298mm/22.24*13.46*11.73in  

Carton Packing:  4 Gift Boxes  

Carton UPC Code:  857440004009  

Carton(1 in 1) Weight:  3.91kg/8.62lb  

Carton(1 in 1) Dimension:  355*145*300mm/13.98*5.71*11.81in  


Smart Drive System:  /  

Intelligent Operation System:  /  

Four Stage Cleaning System:  /  

Cleaning Mode:  AUTO/Remote Control   

Alarm:  Indicator Light   Buzz  

Power-off protection:  YES  

Auto returns to starting point:  YES

Cleaning Path Options :  AUTO   

Frameless Glass Identification:  YES  

Memorizes Cleaning Path :  /  

Working Time (min) :  Unlimited  

Application Range:  Framed window  frameless window  


Power Cord :  2.8M/9.19ft  

Cleaning Solution(ml):  100  

Tether(m):  1.5M/4.92ft  

Extension Cord(m):  1.5M/4.92ft  

Standard Configuration

Power Adapter :  1  

Remote Control:  YES  

Remote Control Battery:  1  

Safety Pod:  1  

Tether:  1  

Cleaning Pad:  3  

Instruction manual:  1  

Cleaning Solution:  1  

Finishing Cloth:  1  

Extension Cord:  1