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ECOVACS WINBOT 850 Window Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS ROBOTICS is changing home robotics with the WINBOT 850 – The Window Cleaning Robot. Thanks to its innovative fan technology, WINBOT 850 quietly cleans many different glass surfaces, both inside and out. It also features automated “N” or “Z” cleaning paths, and a 4-stage cleaning process while the mechanical bumper protects window frames, and multiple sensors help it intelligently avoid edges and obstacles while leaving glass shining.

Award Winning Robotics

WINBOT is an award winning line of window cleaning robots, frequently recognized for its patented technologies and innovations by leading industry organizations. In addition, WINBOT is a unique product in the home-robotics industry , developed exclusively by ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

Advanced Fan Technology

WINBOT 850 uses a high-speed fan motor for strong suction, better stability and deep cleaning. At 19.000 rotations per minute, the W850 window cleaning robot stays safely attached to the glass, while cleaning the area thoroughly!

Quiet Cleaning

Say YES to powerful suction and NO to noisy cleaning! The W850 window cleaning robot cleans your windows quietly, without interrupting your daily activities!

Automatic 4-Stage Cleaning System

The W850 features a wrap-around microfiber Cleaning Pad and two Squeegees for an efficient 4-Stage Cleaning process: 1. The Cleaning Pad sprayed with WINBOT Cleaning Solution moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt. 2. A Squeegee clears dirt from the window. 3. An additional Squeegee swipes remaining waterborne dirt. 4. The Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine.

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The W850 window cleaning robot is one of the smallest robot of the WINBOT series, designed to fit even in small windows (45x65cm), while using strong suction power to clean stubborn spots and dirt.

Simple 3-Step Operation

Cleaner windows are only 3 steps away: 1. Spray the front Cleaning Pad with the WINBOT Professional Cleaning Solution provided 2. Plug in the window cleaning robot and switch the power ON 3.Place WINBOT 850 on the glass and press Start. The window cleaning robot efficiently covers the cleaning area and returns to its starting point for easy retrieval! Effortless and effective!

Automatic Cleaning Path and Memory

Before it starts cleaning, W850 scans the perimeter to detect the shape of the window and automatically adjusts its cleaning path, in order to clean the area in the most efficient way! The window cleaning robot will follow an Z-Shaped Cleaning Path for wide, horizontal windows and a N-Shaped Cleaning Path for tall, vertical windows.

Light Touch Frame Protection

The double Cushion Bumper, on the upper and lower part of W850, is surrounded by soft material that protect your window frames during cleaning.

Edge Detection Technology

WINBOT 850 is perfectly suitable for frameless windows due to its Ball Sensors, that allow it to intelligently detect the edges of frameless glass and prevent the window cleaning robot from falling.

Suitable for Different Types of Glass

The W850 window cleaning robot can perform its cleaning magic on different types of glass. From frosted windows to colored and tinted windows, and even Thermopane, WINBOT 850 can make every glass window sparkling shine!

Uninterrupted Power Supply

The power supply went out suddenly? Don't worry! WINBOT 850 has an on-board Back-up Power System that allows it to stay on the window for at least 15 minutes after a power outage.

Remote control

The remote control allows you to conveniently start, pause, and manage the direction of your WINBOT 850 from a distance!

Safety System

Ain't no window high enough that WINBOT 850 can't reach! By adding the Extension Cord, the Power Cord can reach up to 4.3 meters long, and with the Safety Pod and Tether, cleaning high rise windows is safer than ever!

WINBOT 850 & Accessories

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