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Remote Control does not work.
Possible Causes 1: WINBOT 930 is cleaning .When WINBOT 930 is cleaning, only the START/ PAUSE Button works on the Remote Control.
Solutions: Pause WINBOT 930 by pressing the START/PAUSE button on the robot or Remote Control. Other buttons on the Remote Control will function when WINBOT 930 is paused.
Possible Causes 2: The Remote Control is not paired with WINBOT 930. WINBOT 930 arrives from the factory paired with its Remote Control. If the Remote Control becomes un-paired or is replaced, it can be re-paired.
Solutions: Power ON WINBOT 930. At the same time, press and hold button on WINBOT 930 and button on the Remote Control. Paring is complete when WINBOT 930 beeps.
Possible Causes 3: The batteries are not installed in the Remote Control or need to be changed.
Solutions: Install or replace the batteries in the Remote Control.
Status Indicator Light Flashes BLUE after WINBOT 930 is placed on the glass.
Possible Causes 1: There is not enough suction to attach WINBOT 930 to the glass.
A. Press WINBOT 930 on the window a little more firmly.
B. Check for debris on the Cupule. Clean the surface of the Cupule with the provided Finishing Cloth.
C. The glass is too dirty for WINBOT 930 to attach to the glass properly. Clean a small area on the glass before use and place WINBOT 930 there.
D. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service
Status Light Indicator glows RED after it is powered ON, or during cleaning.
Possible Causes 1: Interruption of electricity while WINBOT 930 was cleaning due to power failure, plug displacement, or loose connection to the Power Adapter.
A. Connect WINBOT 930 to the Power Adapter and plug into the receptacle. Press START/ PAUSE Button on the robot or on the Remote Control. WINBOT 930 will resume cleaning.
B. In case of power failure, and the above solution does not work, WINBOT 930 should automatically go back to a place near its start point. In rare cases when the robot does not go back to a place near its start point, please use the Direction Control Buttons on the Remote Control to direct the robot to a position on the window where you can safely reach it. Remove the robot from the window and move the Bottom Power Switch to the OFF position. If power has resumed, move the Bottom Power Switch back to the ON position, place the robot on the window again and restart.
Possible Causes 2: WINBOT 930 has encountered a problem.
A. Press the RESET Button on the Remote Control.
B. Check for stubborn stains on the window. Clean the stains before using WINBOT 930.
C. Check the Cupule for dirt or damage. Clean the Cupule. If Cupule is scratched or damaged, replace it with a new one.
D. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
Possible Causes 3: The Cleaning Pad Plate turned before WINBOT 930 reached the edge of the window.
Solutions: Spray additional Cleaning Solution on the Cleaning Pad. Restart. If the problem persists, call Customer Service.
Possible Causes 4: Edge Detection Sensor malfunction. Solutions: Clean the four Edge Detection Sensors. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.
Possible Causes 5: The window has a thick layer of dirt on it.
Solutions: Clean the window by hand first and use WINBOT 930 for regular cleaning after that. *WINBOT 930 is intended to be used for maintenance cleaning on common windows. The product is NOT designed to replace heavy duty or first time cleaning.
WINBOT 930 does not follow its normal cleaning pattern, moves erratically or stops.
Possible Causes 1: The Cleaning Pad is not placed exactly within its Velcro area.
Solutions: Remove and reattach the Cleaning Pad making sure it is placed exactly within its Velcro area.
Possible Causes 2: The Cleaning Pad is dirty.
Solutions: Replace the Cleaning Pad.
Possible Causes 3: The Cupule is dirty or the Driving Treads are dirty.
Solutions: Clean the surface of the Cupule and Driving Treads with the provided Finishing Cloth. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.