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Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT Floor Cleaning Robots7


Beauty by design, multi-function and world's most independent floor cleaning robots never need their onboard dustbins emptied by hand
Ecovacs Robotics WINBOT Window Cleaning Robots8


World's best selling and award-winning robots defy gravity to clean glass windows, mirrors and doors of any thickness to a radiant shine
Ecovacs Robotics ATMOBOT Mobile Air Purification Robots9


World's first mobile robotic air purifier travels your home so you can breathe easy with fewer odors, pet dander, pollen and pollutants
Ecovacs Robotics FAMIBOT Mobile Entertainment & Security Robots10


Internet-connected robots deliver mobile entertainment and security plus live 2-way A/V communication while at home or away


Ecovacs Robotics is an award winning brand of home robotics with more than 15 years of experience providing consumers greater freedom and convenience at home. Our product innovation and creative designs have established Ecovacs Robotics as the most diversified brand of in-home robotics in the world.
Ecovacs broad line of consumer robots include DEEBOT floor cleaning robots, WINBOT window cleaning robots, ATMOBOT mobile air purification and humidification robots, and FAMIBOT internet-enabled mobile entertainment and security robots.
In 2015, Ecovacs Robotics expanded from consumer robotic solutions to commercial robotic solutions with:

  • New applications
  • New technologies
  • New levels of robot intelligence

Introducing BENEBOT - an interactive in-store remote sales expert and RAYBOT - an innovative water-free solar panel cleaning robot.

For more information visit Ecovacs Solutions.

Company Spotlight

Ecovacs has successfully launched products in over 30 countries, including Spain, France, Canada, Germany, and Malaysia, and now more than 30 million families utilize Ecovacs products in their homes. Ecovacs is successfully operating over 500 of its own stores in China.

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Ecovacs Robotics
Ecovacs Robotics As Seen On TV
courtesy CBS, EXTANT
Robots go mainstream as Ecovacs Robotics becomes the first and only brand to have several of its robots featured as named-characters in recurring roles on some of today's most popular TV series.

DEEBOT Cast on MTV's Real World

Ecovacs Robotics is featured throughout the 30th season of MTV's longest running series, The Real World, and is the first commercial robot to be given an affectionate personalized name when our D77 Self-Emptying Floor Cleaning Robot became a cast member named "Fiddlesticks".

This season, a new group of twenty-somethings are surprised by ghosts of relationships-past while robots of the future have a reoccurring role in providing real world clean today.
MTV The Real World Skeletons featuring Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT image

WINBOT IS A Treasured Find

A&E's international hit sensation Storage Wars uncovers a treasured find in one of the lockers during the 7th season of the show.

The colorful cast of characters competed for a locker that included WINBOT W730 Window Cleaning Robot. When one of the professional buyers wins the locker and takes WINBOT for an appraisal, it quickly goes from 'unknown' to 'overnight sensation' during the demonstration.
A&E Storage Wars featuring Ecovacs Robotics WINBOT image

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