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Ecovacs Robotics, founded in 2006, is one of the top five brands of in-home robotics worldwide and with a 65% marketshare, is the #1 brand in China. The company has been awarded 684 design and utility patents that include 66 international patents. Consumers have purchased its more than 60 million times worldwide, where they can be found in 31 countries on six continents.

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Ecovacs has successfully launched products in over 30 countries, including Spain, France, Canada, Germany, and Malaysia, and now more than 30 million families utilize Ecovacs products in their homes. Ecovacs is successfully operating over 500 of its own stores in China.

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Ecovacs Robotics

Ecovacs Robotics, and its four robot brands, is the only company that provides products in four segments of in-home robotics:

The company employees more than 5,000 people worldwide with corporate offices in Suzhou, China; Dusseldorf, Germany; and Canton, Ohio as well as regional offices in California and Florida.

Our advantages


Global Brand

Ecovacs Robotics is an award winning global brand of home robotics with more than 15 years of experience providing consumers greater freedom and convenience at home.


Product Innovation

Year-after-year our product innovation and creative designs have established Ecovacs Robotics as the most diversified brand of in-home robotics.


Vertical Integration

Ecovacs manages all aspects of creation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of its products in order to maintain the highest levels of quality and performance.

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